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Polyphosphazene polymers consisting of a biodegradable phosphorous-nitrogen backbone and organic side groups are one of the most remarkable choices for the discovery of new biologically functional materials. The unique macromolecular substitution route utilized in the construction of polyphosphazene structures enables the introduction of a vast array of chemical side groups onto the inorganic backbone using organic chemistry methods thereby giving rise to one of the largest and most versatile classes of synthetic polymers. PSI’s macromolecules can be synthesized and assembled to display a broad spectrum of important ligands including carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids, peptides, acids, and proteins. Ligands may be either covalently or non-covalently attached. Other properties such as charge or hydrophobicity can also be managed to augment the specific ligand’s display and binding microenvironment.

PSI’s technology allows for the creation of polymers with controlled biodegradability and molecular weight and is therefore well suited to a wide variety of biomedical Applications across the life science space.

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