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Parallel Solutions, Inc. (PSI) is a Research and Development company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. PSI specializes in the development of novel polyphosphazene polymers and the application and commercialization of these polymers in the field of  life sciences.

Polyphosphazenes are a unique class of polymers consisting of an inorganic phosphorous-nitrogen backbone and reactive pendant side groups. Polyphosphazenes are constructed by  initially creating a polymer backbone and then substitutiting reactive side  groups with chosen building blocks through methods of organic chemistry.Polyphosphazenes are differentiated by their:

  • Tremendous synthetic versatility
  • Tunable hydrolytic degradability
  • High thermal and oxidative stability
  • Broad range of mechanical characteristics

PSI is developing a number of unique compounds suited to high value applications in the life science.PSI's first applications are a suite of immunomodulators for use in vaccines and immunotherapeutics, and non-convalent polyphosphazene based approaches to the delivery of therapeutic protiens.

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