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Due to their unique characteristics and potential, polyphosphazenes have been of significant interest to a broad range of academic , government and commercial entities over the past two decades. The current biotech and high tech demand for new and truly novel materials is additionally fuelling new and wider interest in the class. Much of this interest, however, has been obstructed by legacy problems of control, reproducibility and synthetic complexity. Polyphosphazenes Ė until recently Ė were simply difficult to make, control and commercialize. PSI technology has resolved many of these issues and has paved the way for commercial development of polyphosphazenes in a wide range of important and valuable applications.

PSI has developed Proprietary methods of stabilization for the synthetic intermediate resulting in a robust pathway to polyphosphazene synthesis. This synthetic pathway is sufficiently controlled and reproducible such that PSI scientists have been able to manufacture kilogram quantities of pharmaceutically active material to cGMP.

PSI has developed proprietary technology for the direct attachment of important functional groups such as sulfonic acid and fluorinated side groups, sugars, and other biologically active molecules. PSI has developed high through put methods (HTP) for the synthesis, purification and formulation of polyphosphazene. Consequently, PSIís approach encompasses a unique and integrated design-build, HTP synthesis, formulation and assay approach to the discovery and development of novel biomedical macromolecules.  This HTP platform allows PSI to adopt a robust and efficient approach to discovery of high value added materials for Internal programs and collaborators across a variety of sectors.

On a practical level PSIís improvements have resulted in twenty to thirty fold reductions in the time taken to synthesize a single polyphosphazene and the ability to carry out multiple syntheses in parallel. PSI's technology and expertise facilitate the reproducible synthesis of novel polyphosphazene compounds for collaborators and clients and the timely and affordable delivery of materials of excellent purity and quality in mg to Kg quantities.

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